HI ! My name is Claudia Liedtke and since twenty-

five years, I am a passionate jewelry designer.


Jewelry with engraved poems are a main feature in

my artistic work.

Here, I combine my craft and creative skills with

my ever since affinity for literature.

Very often there are poem lines written on precious

metals or under stones, they are not meant for the viewer,

more for the holder as a daily companion.

Strong shapes are the basis and reflect my past times

in South America.


As a symbiotic balance to the shapes I love to combine

various textured surfaces " printed" with different materials,

baroque ornaments or ancient elements, which I have

brought back from my numerous travels.

Showing my work at trade fairs and exhibitions in

Germany and abroad, was very well received for the last

twentyfive years and has created an international " fan club"

of private collectors, as well as solo exhibitions in

well known jewelry galleries.


Each jewel is handmade for you, a small enchantment

which surrounds its wearer.

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