Hi there, I am Claudia! Passionate jewelry maker since 25 years!

I love travelling, which is part of my life ever since. Yoga, modern knitting and of course I love J E W E L R Y.

Since 26 years, jewelry making and all subjects regarding the deeper meaning of jewelry- apart from being an adornment- have become a central theme in my life.

Mostly though, I care about the PEOPLE who wear my creations!


If I would not be a jewelry-maker, I would have become a cook- but I´ll keep it for another time! Currently I prefer to spoil good friends with a great meal!


Precious stones ( among them natural coloured diamonds), modern silversmithing, jewelry as a statement, are mozaique fragments from the jewelry universe.


I am deeply grateful to all the people who have found joy and happiness with wearing my custom made jewelry.


Liking someone is important!

" Your" jewelry maker should " blow you off your feet".

So get yourself a good cup of coffee or tea ( I love Nantou Four Seasons from Taiwan) and have a browse-

If you like what you see, I´d be thrilled to hear from you!

                                " POETRY IS LIKE A SCENT,

                             WHICH DISAPPEARS AND

                             LEAVES BEHIND THE ESSENCE

                             OF BEAUTY IN OUR SOULS " ( Jean Paul )


                                      As the jewelry maker Claudia Liedtke travels physically between her favourite places,

                          so she combines traditional craftsmanship together with poetry and the golden light of

                          the South... the result are sensual jewels.


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